Who I am

Maria Marotta

My name is Maria and I am born in Leghorn in 1958, because my parents were from Naples I lived in that town for a long time.
I am Graduate in Social & Economic disciplines and I has been a teacher in the High School for about twenty years. I am married and I live close to Milano in the green hills of Brianza.

Since I was a young lady I have had a lot of interests in painting, drawing, ceramics, clay modelling and sculpting and of course in chinaware.
I got my doll’s interest since few years, because I like antiquities and of course 800’s antique dolls.
Buying and collecting them I got a lot of news about the clothing and the Haute Couture of that years, I also have begun to restore them getting time by time the skill to have the dolls once beautiful like the past time.

In 2002 I attended to a course in sculpting and more in painting ; this allowed me to specialize and begin to create my own porcelain dolls. I work at my dolls like the past time: first I sculpt each part of them( head, arms, legs, shoulders), then I build the mould for each part and subsequentely I fill them with porcelain.
Again and subsequentely I go ahead with other steps like , smoothing, “bisquit” cooking at 1200 °C, and a lot of painting steps cooking the piece at 750°C.

At the present day I build dolls also using Polymeric Clay like, CERNIT, FIMO, PROSCULPT and MODELENE. According to the idea of some persons, this polymeric Clay dolls show something of mysterious and for this they looks “living and thinking”.
I love work them and I do my best to stop some innocent children’s appareances, it make my works OOAK – One of a Kind.

In past years 2003,2004 and 2005 I took part to several National shows as far as “Artist’s dolls” in Canneto Town ( The town of Canneto has been the “HOME” of the Firm FURGA, who built dolls for a lot of years).
In 2005 I had been awarded in Italy at Novellara with the 1° Place in the Porcelain Class with my sculpture “JOSEPHINE”.

In 2006 I had been awarded in France at Marsiglia with th 1° Place in the Artist’s Dolls Class having the theme “ The Love” with my sculptures “JASMINE & MAURICE”.
I am a Member of the D.A.G. – DOLL ARTISAN GUILD one of the most important Association in States for high level of skill’s artist and their works.